Open Club and 7 partner organizations announce the call for the logo of the campaign on children’s rights

Open Club and 7 partner organizations announce the call for the campaign logo, which will deal with the promotion of children’s rights, the Convention on the Rights of the Child and the Third Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Also, the theme of the campaign will be to raise awareness about the violation of rights and mechanisms for protection of children’s rights.


The competition is open to all children from 6 to 18 years of age, pupils from primary and secondary schools from Nis, Knjazevac, Zajecar, Svrljig, Bujanovac, Vranje, Pirot and Prokuplje.

Art technique (watercolor, tempera, drawing, colored pencils, felt pens, etc.) can be chosen by the contestants on their own, while the school block paper used in art classes is recommended as the canvas (however, any other canvas will not be disqualified). The art work must have a title, which can be in the form of a slogan. All papers should be signed with the full name, class and school name.

The competition is open to individuals or groups of authors. Participants, either individual or group of authors, can send up to three works.

In each city, a three-member commission will select one best art work, which will be awarded a voucher in the amount of 10,000 RSD.

By submitting the art work to the competition, participants give their consent to their work being elected in the competition and that it can be used for promotional purposeless by the organizers of the competition. Arrived papers will not be returned.

Art works can be sent by post to the following addresses:

Niš: Otvoreni klub, Trg Učitelj Tase 2, 18000 Niš, marked „za konkurs – logo“

Prokuplje: OŠ “Nikodije Stojanović Tatko”, Ratka Pavlovića Ćićka 43, 18400 Prokuplje – marked „za konkurs – logo“

Pirot: KIC Pralipe, Kraljevića Marka 27, 18300 Pirot – marked „za konkurs – logo“

Svrljig: OŠ „Dobrila Stambolić“, Radetova 25, 18360 Svrljig – marked „za konkurs – logo“

Zaječar – Dečija radost (for Marija Sebić), Jelene Majstorović 18, 19000 Zaječar – marked „za konkurs – logo“

Vranje: Nexus Vranje, Nemanjina 21, 17500 Vranje – marked „za konkurs – logo“

Bujanovac – Fismir Jahiu, Karađorđe Petrovića 284 – marked „za konkurs – logo“ (personally delivered)


 The competition is open from 1 October 2016 until 31 January 2017.

All questions regarding this competition can be sent online, via email: